Welcome to Black Ridge Farm & Orchard!

We are a Humane breeding and hatching farm***We practice “Better Than Organic” methods

We proudly sell and feed our chickens

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We are a small family farm that focuses on rare heritage breed poultry with good bloodlines,  no till farming organic nutrient dense methods,heirloom produce only, health blogs, eggs, flowers, beauty and more!

Every year we are learning how to make our soil healthier for a more nutrient dense produce.

We test our soil and add organic, natural materials and minerals that it needs to thrive.

We do not till or let our soil dry out and try our best to have something growing in it at all times to keep the soil healthy and alive! We hardly have insect problems and if we do its very mild as our soil and plants are very healthy.

We test our produce to show the nutrient density. If the number is not high then we know we need to improve our soil.

Left- Local store organic golden beets  **  Right- Our heirloom golden beets  ~  Left- bigger but more woody less flavor  **  Right- smaller but tender full of flavor!

Left- organic red beets from the store  *  Right- Our red beets  ~  Brix determines the nutrient density which equals more flavor!

You can pick up our produce a few different ways:  At the farm, Cedar City, or St. George drop off points by appointment, or when we are at the farmers market (only occasionally)

We wanted to thank you for your support as we grow each year.  It is an honor to serve you and br

ing our version of quality to your family’s table.  We enjoy sharing our produce and experience taking in a little piece of the past!