We practice humane breeding and hatching

Our focus here on the farm is raising Heritage breeds with pure bloodlines that meet the APA Standard.


We search for breeders all around the country who actively show or breed to perfection.

Our hope is that people can see and appreciate these rare and old breeds that our ancestors once enjoyed.  We are happy to offer an alternative to the inhumane hatchery chicks available at the local stores.

Chickens that we carry

Silver Dorking – Dick Horstman bloodlines from Pennsylvania

Silver Dorking – Mary Wetterstroem – Roseland Haven Farms – Florida

Red Dorking – Mary Wetterstroem – Roseland Haven Farms – Florida

Jill Rees Cream Legbar – Greenfire Farms – Florida

Isbar ( Ice-bar) – Greenfire Farms – Florida

Black Copper Maran – Mix between Bev Davis lines, Frasier Creek & Little Peddlers Marans.

Wheaten Ameraucana – Peggy Taylor – Rocky Springs Farm – Texas

9th Generation mix Olive Egger– Three Little Blackbirds – California

Turkeys that we carry

Pure wild Merriam — Richard Jordan bloodlines from Georgia


The Dorking (England) Rare

Silver Dorking Adults

6wk old silver hen

Red dorking rooster

4mo old red hen & 7wk old rooster

Beautiful, gentle & medium dual Purpose 6-8lbs birds. About 4-

5 medium to large eggs a week.

I have obtained my stock from two different people who both show and one of them is a judge. Both conform to the APA standard and have done very well in the big shows!

APA recognizes 5 colors. This breed is rare and only the breeders breed to perfection.

Dorkings have 5 toes, short legs, are good foragers, good winter layers, good mothers, gentle and are famous for their flavor.

Jill Rees Cream Legbar (England)

6 Weeks Old ~ Female & Male

 Medium dual purpose bird that reaches 6-7lbs. Average of 260 large blue eggs per year. These birds have bloodlines of winning blue ribbons at top poultry shows in the UK. Imported birds from the UK.

Great foragers and alert with predators, auto sexing breed at one day old, friendly, rooster

s are very protective over their hens, hens are good mothers.

Isbar ”ice bar” ( Sweden)

6 Weeks Old ~ Splash, Blue & Black

Large, docile, predator alertness & cold-hardy birds that are thrifty foragers that will produce 150-200 medium to large mossy green eggs a year. They are also good winter layers.  This breed is the only breed in the world with pure bloodlines that produce a green egg.

The APA standard of perfection does not yet recognize this breed but one can show in the backyard division ( for non APA standard birds) or something similar if there is one in your area.

 Here is the general rule when breeding Isbar blue/black/splash
Blue x Blue = 50% Blue, 25% Black, 25% Splash
Blue x Splash = 50% Blue, 50% Splash
Blue x Black = 50% Blue, 50% Black

Black x Splash = 100% Blue
Black x Black = 100% Black

Splash x Splash = 100% Splash

Black Copper Maran ( France )

7 wk old rooster

Wheaten Ameraucana ( American )

Image may contain: grass, sky, outdoor and nature

Left- Maran rooster Right- Ameraucana hen

Olive Egger ( Hybrid )

7 wk old 9th generation olive egger hen

2nd gen olive eggs


The wild and heritage bred birds are not like the typical birds you may be used to seeing and eating from the market.  Heritage and wild birds take at least 6 months before they are ready to eat, unlike the 14 week growing period for commercial turkeys. They also have a firmer meat texture with significantly more dark meat and flavor. These turkeys are what our ancestors have enjoyed for hundreds of years.  Also you will notice the wild and heritage breeds will walk around more, be more flighty, lively, and can mate naturally unlike the broad breasted varieties.  Oh and they best part, they are beautiful!

Check out our blog post on The History of the Turkeys, History in Utah & What is heritage for more information on helping you decide what you want.


Pure Wild Merriam Turkey ( A Native to Utah )

2  1/2 month old Poults

The Merriam is close to size as the Eastern Wild but smaller.  Adult Toms weigh on average 18-24 pounds. Jakes will weigh average of 15-20 pounds. Hens will weigh about 8-14 pounds

They tend to lay their eggs March-June.  Turkey eggs are excellent for baking with a richer creamy yolk.

Wild and heritage breeds grow at a normal pace of about 28 weeks or so until they are ready for the table. So either Thanksgiving ready if hatched early, or Christmas ready if hatched late spring.

*Also, if you know of a source for the pure bred wild Goulds turkey that is native to AZ, NM,Mexico, please email us as we would like to bring them to Black Ridge Farm.

Thank you.


APA Standard


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