Our new mix of Isbar and Cream Legbars


Silver Dorking

$10 Each Chick



Red Dorking

$10 Each Chick


ISBAR (ice-bar)- Available 2018

Blue, Splash & Black

$15 Each

Rees Cream Legbar- Available 2018

Female & Male

Auto sexing breed!

Female  $15 Each

Male  $5 Each

Wheaten Ameraucana – Available 2018

$12 Each

Black Copper Maran – Available 2018

2nd-9th generation Olive Egger – Available 2018





*We have a 72 hour life guarantee on your chicks after you receive them locally or by mail. If one should die please send a picture and we will refund for the ones lost.

 Tips for new chicks

  1. Get them under a warm light as soon as possible. Its good to have a red light of 250 & 150 on hand. Sometimes they burn out unexpectedly so make sure you have double of each one. If they huddle under tightly they are too cold and you need a stronger lamp or move lamp closer to them. You may need to adjust your brooder box situation so that heat is not easily leaving.
  2. Put a dab of raw apple cider vinegar and raw molasses into the water. This is a natural antibiotic and full of vitamins and minerals your baby needs for energy and preventing from being sick. You can also find a mason glass jar with a metal bottom at your local feed store or online if the jar breaks you can use your own mason jar. You may wish to put a few fish tank smooth rocks in the water to help prevent drowning in the first few days.
  3. Start with a healthy source of chick starter. Preferably organic and soy free as you dont want your new baby ingesting chemicals and soy as soy prevents the body from getting all its nutrition that it needs.
  4. Grit! If your baby is not pastured you should include grit as this helps them digest their food.
  5. Probiotics are always a good thing to include in their water or feed. Look for a natural source.