Free Range Pasture & Organically fed poultry eggs.

Our chickens water comes from a protected well sourced from Kolob mountain. They are watered from tin containers and given no medication or anything unnatural. During the breeding season the chickens are let out into the pasture every other day. Our girls are natural as nature intended. Just bugs, untreated grass, whole grains & the occasional food scraps from organic foods or from our organic garden. We use soy free Organic feed from Scratch-n-Peck or New Country Organics (We have feed for sale. Check out our feed tab).

We gather eggs daily and put in cartons right away. These eggs are clean and unwashed. The bloom, a natural coating, protects the eggs from contamination.They stay fresher longer and does not require refrigeration. Refrigeration will help keep the egg fresh longer if you plan on waiting to eat the eggs or if you are in warmer temperatures.  If you plan on washing the egg, wash before consuming and with warm water not cool/cold water.

 You might occasionally see a feather in the box or a dirt smudge on an egg or two but we like to think this adds character and charm from buying directly from an organic farmer that does not believe in bleaching and scrubbing practices. Our eggs come from a diversified flock and you will see different sizes due to the age of the hen and breed unlike industrial organic facilities which focus only on one breed with maximum productivity. With having so many breeds of chickens you get the benefit of an array of egg colors.

Egg Cartons – Made from all natural materials. During the warmer seasons each dozen is adorned with fresh or dried herbs or flowers from our garden or lot. We reuse our egg cartons until they are torn or soiled. Returning your clean empty cartons are encouraged and appreciated but not required.

$5.00 a dozen chicken eggs

$6.00 a dozen turkey eggs

ATTENTION: Price Increase starting January 2018


Rainbow Dozen