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 Certified Organic, Whole Grains, Soy Free and Corn Free options

Image may contain: outdoor and natureNew Country Organics Layer


Guarantee your chickens will prefer this over other feed! Quality feed full of nutrients.

We offer ~25% discount off retail on New Country Organics And ~30% discount off retail on Scratch-n-Peck

Left- Scratch-n-Peck, Right- New Country Organics

New Country Organics 16% Layer $ 40.00 per 50lb bag ($0.80/lb)

New Country Organics Chick Starter $42.00 per 50lb bag ($0./lb)

New Country Organics Turkey Starter $43.00 per 50lb bag ($0./lb)

  Premium Scratch-n-Peck 16% Layer $38.00 per 40lb bag ($0.95/lb)

 Other feed,supplements & grubs available, see links below. Price includes taxes and you don’t have to pay for shipping, which is where the savings come from! Compare to inferior pellet “big ag Organic” at the local farm store @ $0.84/lb ($28 + tax for 35 lb bags Layer)




New Country Organics 

Feeding Tips!

Corn free?  Corn increases the animal’s body heat which is best left for the cooler months. Its best to give your chickens a corn free diet during the warm months so they don’t overheat and can feel as comfortable as possible. Keep in mind the local feed stores usually all have corn in them and you have no options to opt out of corn.  This is especially important in hot Southern Utah!

Moist feed? You can soak your feed the night before and give it to them the following day to help hydrate them more and help them to digest the food better!  Or better yet you can sprout the grains (2 to 3 days) and feed it to them.  This reduces feed costs as the birds get more nutrition out of each kernel of feed.  Also, this will keep all the powered nutrients attached to the grains.  Note, you can only do this with natural whole grain organic feeds, not pellets.

Why no soy?

  • Soy is high in phytic acid. Monogastric animals like chickens, pigs and humans don’t produce the enzyme phytase. Without phytase, phytic acid can block uptake of vitamins and minerals meaning you get less nutrition out of the feed you provide.
  • Soy is high in phytoestrogens., which impact the hormones of animals that consume them in high quantities
  • Soy is high in trypsin inhibitors. Trypsin is an enzyme that helps to break down many different proteins. Inhibition of trypsin contributes to allergies.

Right- Scratch-n-Peck … Middle- Local country store organic pellet … Left- New Country Organics

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As you can see the chickens prefer the quality feed over the pellet