Free Range Pasture & Organically Fed Fertile Hatching Eggs

When hens have proper nutrition and are pastured, the baby chicks are healthier and have a better hatch rate to those hens who have been pinned up and fed a conventional diet. We have seen many times over our chicks outperforming other chicks we have shipped in unless the person we buy from also feeds organic and does pasture grazing. These chicks are just much more healthy and strong over the others. Our hens are fed an organic and no soy feed and they get their water from a metal barrel which is from well water. They pasture on untreated grass. You can rest assure that your hatching eggs has everything they need to get a good start.

*Shipped eggs – All shipped eggs usually have a hatch rate of 50%. This is because they are transported usually somewhat rough. We have no control after they leave our hands. There is no guarantee on shipped eggs due to transport and how you incubate your eggs (heat & humidity). However upon arrival, if you have broken eggs please send us a picture and we will happily refund for those ones.

*With the natural order of chicken breeding, there is never a 100% guarantee every single egg will be fertile.

Silver & Red Dorking

White Eggs

White eggs compared to blue egg

$3.00 Each

ISBAR (ice-bar)- Available 2018

Green Eggs

$5.00 Each

Rees Cream Legbar- Available 2018

Blue Eggs

$5.00 Each

Wheaten Ameraucana – Available 2018

Slate blue eggs

$5.00 Each

Black Copper Maran – Available 2018

Chocolate brown eggs

$8.00 Each

1st-9th generation Olive Egger – Available 2018

Extra dark olive green eggs

1st generation olive egger next to blue egg

9th generation Olive egger

F1 $

F2 $

F9 $


  1. Do not wash eggs. removing the bloom will contaminate the egg.
  2. If eggs are not going into the incubator right away keep rotated.
  3. Make sure incubator is warmed up to temperature before putting eggs in.
  4. If you see an egg that is not fertile, remove and discard right away so it won’t be prone to exploding.