Heirloom Orchard

We are so excited to be offering our heirloom fruit once available!

We have planted 25 different heirloom varieties of Peaches, Nectarines and Cherries as of 2016

We are still a few years away before they start to produce. We will also be planting apple varieties as well as plums, nuts, grapes, raspberries, blueberries and strawberries in the near future.


Indian Blood~ Crimson Fleshed Clingstone ~ 1800s ~ tart

Old Henry ~ Yellow Fleshed Freestone ~1945 & beyond

Red Haven~ Yellow Fleshed ~ Michigan, 1930s

Silver Logan ~ White Fleshed Freestone ~1945 & beyond

Belle of Georgia~ White Fleshed Freestone ~ Georgia, 1870

George IV ~ White Fleshed Freestone ~ New York, 1820


Goldmine- Yellow, Freestone, New Zealand 1800’s

Independence- Yellow Freestone,1900’s

Snow Queen – White Fleshed Freestone, 1945 & beyond


Utah Giant

Napoleon (Royal Ann) ~ Europe, 1700s

Montmorency ~ France,1600s, Sweet cherry perfect for cooking pies and tarts


Fall Gold ~ 1945 & beyond

Boyne ~ 1945 & beyond

More to come!